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Activities Center

Zip_LineLos Barriles and the East Cape area have a variety of activities for everyone.
Make your reservations in advance or at the front desk of the resort or the activities center to book your adventure.

Zip Lines Link

Sport Fishing

The Sea of Cortez is known for it's abundance of big game fish as well as the rich variety of inshore species.
The East Cape has some of the best skippers and mates found anywhere that know these waters and how to fish them and land some of these giants.Rooster_fish
Depending on the time of year and the tides, you can experience the excitement of some of the best sport fishing in the world. Hook into sailfish, yellow fin tuna, dorado, wahoo,
shark, rooster fish, spearfish, sierra mackerel as well as blue, black and striped marlin. The giant humbolt squid can be caught just in front of the resort the winter months. 


Make Boat & Fishing reservations at the
Hotel Palmas de Cortez Resort reception desk
or in advance by contacting:

Shannon Dalmau (Vanwormer Resorts)
office (877) 977-2252 EXT. 201
Fax (818) 224-4009

Hotel Palmas de Cortez Fishing

Boats Web Link
See Photos and details of available boats


TheHotel Palmas de Cortez resort has the largest private sport fishing fleet in Mexico. Boats range from smaller pangas
which has one skipper and usually works well for two to three people. The cruisers and super cruisers have a skipper and a mate and accommodate four to six people depending on the size of the particular boat.
All the poles and gear are included, but you may bring your own if you wish. Lunches and cold drink orders are available when you make boat confirmations the night before your trip. The resort or the East Cape Smoke House will pick up the fish at the dock, clean and package it and have it ready for pick up the day of our guests
departure. Just ask your skipper to call ahead so they will be waiting when you return to the dock. The smoke house requires two days to complete the smoking process of your fish, but sometimes they can trade your fish with some others if they may have available. Ask them ahead of time if there is a time constraint.
Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna are superb when smoked by The East Cape Smoke house.

Smoke House Information

About Smoked Fish

Fish Counts and Local Conditions



Fish Species Link with Photos


Snorkeling at The Shrine of the Guadalupe
East of Los Barriles a about 20 to 30 Drive 

Video: How to Get To The Shrine Of The Guadalupe / Iguana Beach

YouTube Video


Spend the day with the Baja sea life with one of the wild Eco-tours



Swimming with wild sea lions at Cabo Pulmo National Park


ATV Rentals

The Quad Man
Located just outside of the main entrance of the resort.


Can Doo ATV Rentals

The Villas de Cortez and Hotel Palmas de
Cortez have great activities to choose from or simply make your own adventure. 

Visit the videos and web links pages to view more local activities and to get helpful information. 

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